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With the return of the cold, your skin is more sensitive? Redness appears? To spend a winter in complete serenity, discover our advice to soothe your skin.

Why is my skin tight?

When it is cold, our skin tends to dry out. Indeed, with the cold, the sebaceous glands that naturally protect our skin produce less sebum, so our skin is less naturally nourished. Heating also damages our skin because with dry air, the water on the surface of the skin evaporates and the skin becomes dehydrated.

In winter, our blood circulation is impacted. Indeed, with the cold, the blood vessels contract in order to withdraw blood from the extremities to irrigate the vital organs and to maintain a temperature of 37°C. When we enter a heated place, on the other hand, the vessels dilate and redness may appear, generally accompanied by a sensation of warmth.

How to moisturize your skin?

Clean gently

First, avoid the showers and baths too hot because that dries out our skin, then favour a tepid shower.

To remove your make-up and cleanse your face, use a soft product like our Micellar Water which gently eliminates impurities.

For the body, use our Shea Shower or Shea Cream Wash, both enriched in Shea Butter to cleanse our skin with delicacy.

Moisturize your skin daily

Once your skin is washed and dry, use a suitable moisturizer.

For the face, use our Shea Moisturizing Day Cream or our Shea Anti-Aging Day Cream.

To boost the hydration of your skin, leave our Shea Hydra Mask on for 15 to 20 minutes, once or twice a week, your skin will regain suppleness and softness.

For your body, use our Shea Body Cream which perfectly hydrates the skin thanks to its formula enriched in Shea Butter. For the dry to very dry skins, use our Shea Butter which will nourish your skin in depth thanks to its formula rich in vitamins and fatty acids.

Also think of moisturizing your feet with our Shea Foot Cream for example, and opt for one of our Shea Hand Creams to moisturize your hands after each washing.

How to make up a dry skin?

Choose cosmetics with moisturizing and fluid formulas. Use a BB cream, the perfect combination of a care product and a complexion perfector. For foundation, opt for a liquid and light formulation.

You can also go for a loose powder. Indeed, compact powders absorb more water from our skin and dry it out. Apply blushes and illuminators with creamy textures.

In cold weather, our skin needs a higher intake of essential fatty acids. To discover the many benefits of essential fatty acids it is here.

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